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Crop Health Biotech – Crop Health Biotech- An Agriculture Biotech Enterprise is focused on promoting organic for agriculture, beautiful of healthy, high yielding crops, Abundant harvest of golden grains, white cotton and succulent produce plentiful enough to nourish the world. Healthy environment in which we safely and comfortably live work and play. At CHB, these ideas drive us every-day. Our singular purpose is to propel farming future, harnessing cutting-edge agricultural and environmental innovation to deliver on CHB mission: - A DECISION FOR NATURE

Crop Protection- To produce maximum yields plants need to be healthy & strong from the start & carefully nurtured throughout the season. Our mission is to help crop thrive & stay healthy, So that our planet The Global Population & our customers thrive and stay healthy too. We offer expert advice & solution for seeds growth as well as insecticides & fungicides, to increase yields & protect crops all season long.


  • Best Experience and knowledge in Agriculture.
  • Dedicated Staff and expert Agronomist.
  • Free Agriculture Doctor Facilities
  • Our Commitment to Responsible.
  • Customer Satisfaction.

OUR COMPANY, Expertise in production of liquid Bio-fertilizer in INDIA, CROP HEALTH BIOTECH is promoted by technocrats & committed to provide innovate inventions & path breaking products in agricultural, environmental and industrial sphere. The operation of the company is focused on conversation of the natural resources using products of microbial origin. CROP HEALTH BIOTECH is a company with Business in soil & environmental microbiology; engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of field tested microbial product and the supply of value addition products.

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